Policies and Procedures

We maintain a range of policies which set out how we manage our setting and the steps we'll take in certain circumstances. Some of these are a requirement of our registration with Ofsted. The remainder are there to make our practice as transparent as possible. Parents are required to read these policies before placing their child with us and are asked to sign a policy acceptance form to confirm their acceptance.

Consent Forms

There are certain parts of our practice that by law, or for the avoidance of doubt, we require signed parental consent. The documents below list these.

Initial Documents

Before a child is placed with us both we and the parents will sign the contract below. This sets out the terms of the agreement under which we agree to care for a child. The registration form records important details about the child should we need to know them. The "All About Me" form asks for more general details about the child's routine and the things that make them unique. This allows us to get to know the child quicker as well as being a good focal point for discussion with the child's parents.